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DC Fast Public Charging Outlets by 2022


Level 3 charging, also known as DC Fast charging, typically can provide 124 miles in 30 minutes, or 249 miles in an hour using 50kW of power.

The expected ratio of EVs to charging stations in 2021 is 28.2, a significant barrier to EV adoption by the general public who often experience range anxiety. If consumers feel there are not enough public charging stations, fewer of them will buy electric vehicles. This prompts the need for massive charging infrastructure to be built within America as well as across the world.

Previous reports for the number of public DC Fast charging stations place approximately 9,898 outlets/connections as of March 2019 (retrieved from the same AFDC map in the resolution criteria). This is a leap up from the 7,223 connections available as of December 2017.

How many DC Fast public charging outlets/connections will be available in the United States by 2022?

Resolution criteria for this question will be provided through the Alternative Fuels Data Center from the US Department of Energy.

This map shows the current number of charging stations by level in the United States and Canada, and can be adjusted using the advanced filters to find specific information. The current number of public DC Fast public charging stations as of the end of October 2020 is 4,064 with a total number of 16,109 outlets.

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