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SCOTUS Impeachment and Removal by 2030

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A Supreme Court impeachment has only happened once in the history of the US: Justice Samuel Chase in 1804. However, he was only impeached by the House of Representatives-- the Senate aquitted him. Thus, a precedent was set for judicial independence, that justices serve for life without political interference.

We live in unprecedented times, and that precedent could change. Article 3, section 1 states "judges [...] shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour"; in other words, impeachment is still constitutional.

Will a US Supreme Court Justice be impeached and removed before 2030?

This question will resolve as Yes if any US Supreme Court Justice is impeached and removed by the House and Senate before January 1, 2030.

An impeachment by just the House, overturned by the Senate, will not resolve the question positively. Nor will any vacancy by resignation, retirement, or death.

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