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Total Tesla Sales in 2021


Tesla currently reigns supreme over the EV market with approximately 368,000 vehicles sold in 2019. After lagging behind BYD since Q2 2016, Tesla finally surpassed them in sales in Q1 2019.

With new expansions being added to Tesla’s gigafactory in Shanghai to produce the Model 3 and new Model Y cars, Tesla stands poised to increase sales in China as well as across the globe. Tesla’s Model 3 car is the most popular electric car on the market with over 300,000 cars on the road in 2019 alone, with sales representing over 14% of the world’s EV market.

In Q3 2020, Tesla delivered 139,300 vehicles to consumers, an increase of almost 50,000 from Q2 2020 with total deliveries at 90,650

How many electric vehicles will Tesla sell (units delivered) in the 2021 calendar year?

This question resolves as the sum of vehicle delivered for all quarters of 2021, according to Tesla.

Tesla reports its own sales records, which should be available here. Other reliable media sources include InsideEVs, Car and Driver, or Cleantechnica, with example publications like this.

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