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Net bids in FCC Auction 107


The C-band is radio waves of frequencies roughly from 3.7 to 8.0 gigahertz. In recent years, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has moved to clear C-band spectrum for 5G usage, transitioning those airwaves from their current use by communication satellites, to 5G cellular networks [1] [2]. The FCC will have a spectrum auction scheduled to start on December 8, 2020 (Auction 107), to auction off rights to transmit signals in the 3.7 – 3.98 GHz band.

Some significant past auctions were "Auction 73: 700 MHz Band" in 2008 for a transition from analog TV broadcasting to digital broadcasting, with $19.6 billion in winning bids for 62 megahertz of spectrum, and "Auction 103: Spectrum Frontiers – Upper 37 GHz, 39 GHz, and 47 GHz" in 2020 Q1, with $7.6 billion in net bids for 3400 megahertz of millimeter-wave spectrum. "Auction 107: 3.7 GHz Service" will have 280 megahertz of spectrum for auction.

Note that while some news articles report the net proceeds for a particular auction, this questions asks for the net bids (the statistics have the relation: net proceeds = net bids - incentive payments for existing licensees). The incentive payments for Auction 107 are up to $15 billion.

What will be the value of C-band spectrum auctioned off by the FCC in Auction 107?

Resolution is by an FCC news release or public notice of the net bids of Auction 107.

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