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SARS-CoV-2 vaccine widely available in the US


While vaccine hesitancy remains high at 42% in the US, public health officials are aiming to have the vaccine widely available as soon as possible.

Various officials have estimated when a vaccine will be widely available.

Director of NIAID Anthony Fauci estimated "as early as April":

When asked when normal people with no prioritization factors would have access to a vaccine, Fauci responded "We are talking by April, by the end of April, I think".

HHS Secretary Alex Azar estimated by "March or early April":

It’s estimated the government will have enough coronavirus vaccine... "for all Americans by March or early April to have general vaccination programs.”

Former FDA chief Scott Gottlieb estimated "heading into fall 2021"

"And I think by the second quarter of 2021, maybe into the third quarter, we'll have a vaccine that hopefully will be licensed for general use if everything goes well and the data continues to support the safety and effectiveness of that vaccine. And we'll be able to vaccinate the public or a good portion of the public heading into the fall of 2021."

When will a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine be widely available for adults in the United States?

This question resolves on the date that the first reliable media report is published that states a government official leading either the CDC, HHS, NIH, NIAID, FDA, or the official tasked with leading distribution (currently General Perna) states that the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is generally available in the United States for healthy non-pregnant adults with no other qualification nationwide.

Similar language to widely available, such as "generally available" or "available for all who want it", is also sufficient to close and resolve this question.

To be considered widely available, it needs to not be conditioned on a demand limiting device such as a lottery.

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