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Burger King to cease using gestation stalls?


Restaurant Brands International is the parent company for Burger King and various other fast-food chains. In their now-taken-down 2016 Sustainability Framework (p. 6.) (archive link #1, archive link #2), they stated:

“Restaurant Brands International is committed to sourcing pork globally only from suppliers that do not use gestation stalls, and we aim to accomplish this goal in North America by 2022.”

A gestation crate, also known as a sow stall, is a metal enclosure in which a farmed sow used for breeding may be kept during pregnancy. Animal welfare advocates regard the use of gestation crates as one of the most inhumane features of intensive animal production. (Source: Wikipedia)

See: Will companies meet their animal welfare commitments? for a sceptical perspective.

Will Restaurant Brands International cease sourcing pork in North America from suppliers that use gestation stalls by Jan 1, 2022?

Question will resolve according to popular media reports, or according to an announcement by Restaurant Brands International which contains unambiguous language ("we have made progress towards our commitment" would resolve negatively, whereas "globally, we are only sourcing pork from suppliers that do not use gestation stalls" would resolve positively).

If the result is unknown or unverified, the question resolves negatively, with the assumption being that any change would be well publicised.

This question belongs to the Animal Charity Evaluators Strategy series. This is a series of questions intended to introduce Animal Charity Evaluators to the idea of using forecasting as a tool to inform their strategy. The questions were created by Misha Yagudin and Nuño Sempere, in consultation with ACE.

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