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AZD1222 (the AstraZeneca/Oxford developed SARS-CoV-2 vaccine) has been approved for use by the United Kingdom and granted emergency use authorization by Argentina, El Salvador, and India. This vaccine has been highly anticipated, promising benefits such as stable storage in normal refrigerators and doses costing $3 to $4.

However, as of January 3rd, Phase III trials are still ongoing. These trials have had issues, including a failure to roll out a consistent dosing regimen and less than transparent disclosure.

The United States has pre-ordered 500m doses of the vaccine, by far their largest order. However, the head of Operation Warp Speed was reported as saying:

Americans likely won’t receive AstraZeneca's coronavirus vaccine before April because of lingering questions about its effectiveness in certain groups.

When will the AstraZeneca/Oxford developed SARS-CoV-2 vaccine be granted emergency use authorization by the US FDA?

This question retroactively closes when the first reliable media report is published stating that AZD1222 has been submitted to the FDA for EUA. It resolves on the date when the FDA issues a statement (such as this for the Moderna vaccine) reporting the issuing of an emergency use authorization for AZD1222. If a EUA is never granted, this resolves as >2021-12-31. If the EUA application is rejected, and later resubmitted, the close date will not change.

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