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Biden Cabinet appointments by 2022


One of the primary responsibilities of the US president is to appoint executives to the 22 main departments of the federal government. The US Senate then holds hearings vetting these candidates, and votes to confirm (or reject) them.

A particularly contentious nomination in the Donald Trump administration was Betsy Devos for Secretary of Education. Her nomination came to a close 50-50 vote, with Vice President Mike Pence approving her in a tie-breaking vote on 2017-02-07. Trump's appointments for the Departments of State, Defense, Treasury, and Justice were all held and confirmed by 2017-02-13.

In our era of polarized politics, it has been suggested that Republicans may not approve all of Biden's cabinet nominations, hamstringing his ability to govern. Kelsey Piper predicted there was a 70% chance this would not happen.

[short-fuse] By 2022, will the US Senate confirm Biden's nominees for Treasury Secretary, Secretary of State, Defense Secretary, and Attorney General?

The question will resolve positively if the US Senate confirms nominations from the Biden administration for all 4 positions of Treasury Secretary, Secretary of State, Defense Secretary, and Attorney General, by 2021-12-31. These need not be the first nominations made or the current nominations as of 2021-01-15; if any appointments are rejected by the Senate, the question may still be positive if any nominations are confirmed before 2021-12-31.

In the case that Joe Biden is no longer the president, for this question the "Biden administration" will be considered as being led by the President appointed in the Constitutional line of succession.

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