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Substack to cancel a user by 2023


Substack is a new publishing platform that has been growing rapidly. They're known for refusing to remove contentious content, as a recent TechCrunch article explains,

As Substack grew, writers left jobs at BuzzFeed and the New York Times, lured by pay raises and cautious optimism. But as more writers came forward as part of the Substack Pro program, Substack was criticized for subsidizing anti-trans rhetoric, since some of these writers used their newsletters to share such views. Substack admits it’s not entirely apolitical, but the choices of which writers to subsidize, and its decision to use only lightweight moderation tactics, are a political choice in an era of the internet when content moderation has a tangible effect on global politics. Some writers even chose to leave the platform, as a result.

Will Substack cancel anyone before 2023?

This resolves positively if Substack cancels an account, or suspends or deletes any post, of a Substack author with at least 100 subscribers, free or paid, for a reason which is not in their Terms of Use at the time the question opens (an archive of which can be found here).

Negative resolution will be determined if, according to admin discretion, no one in the Metaculus community was able to find a credible example of Substack cancelling anyone in the way previously described.

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