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Doses of vaccine given per day March 1st US


The Bloomberg Vaccine Tracker records the number of Covid-19 doses given per day in the United States and worldwide. As January 31st, an average of 1.35 million doses are given per day in the United States, when calculated as the 7-day rolling average.

What will be the 7-day rolling average for Covid-19 vaccines given on March 1st in the United States?

This question resolves as the number of vaccines doses given per day in the United States, according to the 7-day rolling average reported by the Bloomberg Vaccine Tracker, at the end of the day on March 1st 2021. In case some archives conflict with each other (such as due to continuously updating data), the archive from latest in the day on March 1st in Pacific Standard Time is used for resolution. In case Bloomberg does not continue reporting this statistic, as it was understood on January 31st 2021, then this question resolves ambiguously.

Any disputes about the wording of this question will be resolved via consensus in the comment section. In the case where more than 2 moderators dispute a proposed admin-given resolution, then this question must resolve ambiguously.

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