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Date When Most EU Eggs Are Sexed


See details about male chick culling and in-ovo sexing technologies in US version of this question posted by another user.

Germany will prohibit the mass slaughter of day-old male chicks from the end of 2021, according to a draft bill signed by the Cabinet, becoming the first country to do so. Germany produces 13% of EU eggs.

French Agriculture Minister Didier Guillaume has repeatedly (here, here, here, & here) said that France would end the shredding of chickens by the end of 2021. France produces 14% of EU eggs.

In March 2020, the Directorate of Production and Agrarian Markets of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture stated that it is working with egg producers to end the annual culling of 35 million male chicks in Spain in 2021. The Ministry said producers were testing two different techniques of in-ovo sex detection. Spain produces 13% of EU eggs.

The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture responded to animal welfare groups´ calls to phase out all chick culling including gassing in the Netherlands by the end of 2021 that 'a political solution is being explored' and that the Agriculture Minister would soon provide more information.The Netherlands produces 10% of EU eggs.

Assoavi, the trade association representing the 70% of egg producers in Italy, has committed to adopt in-ovo sexing technologies and to promote their application throughout the Italian supply chain. Assoavi itself started to actively lobby the Ministry of Health into allocating funds for research and implementation. Italy produces 10% of EU eggs

When will most eggs produced in the EU be sexed before hatching?

This resolves as the estimated date when EU-based hatcheries that produce at least 50% of the total number of eggs produced in the EU that year successfully sex their hen flock replacement eggs, in ovo. For the purposes of this question, successful sexing occurs if:

  1. techniques are used that correctly identify the sex in a majority of cases, and
  2. at least a majority of those identified to be male are destroyed before hatching.

Estimates of when this threshold is reached should originate from one of the following credible independent sources: the Good Food Institute, Open Philanthropy, EFSA, or FAO.

In case no estimates of when this occurred can be found, an admin should contact the aforementioned types credible independent sources and request these for their relevant staff for credible estimates. In case of multiple estimates, an admin may decide to resolve on the basis of the median. In case no estimates can be sourced, the question shall resolve ambiguously.

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