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Javascript's Dominance in 2030

Each year since 2011, the programming Q&A website Stack Overflow has conducted a survey of its users. Among the questions included, developers are asked to list all programming languages that they regularly use. For the previous eight years, JavaScript has topped this list. While neither the 'most loved' or 'most dreaded', JavaScript is described (in the survey results) as the 'most common': in 2020, 67.7% of all respondents reported having used it.

However, technology develops, and developer tastes evolve. Will Javascript's dominance continue for another decade? This question asks:

Will JavaScript be the most used programming language in the 2030 Stack Overflow Developer Survey?

This question resolves positively if:

  1. A summary of the 2030 Stack Overflow Annual Survey results is released,
  2. Those results contain some version of a 'most commonly used programming languages' question, and
  3. In the view of Metaculus admins resolving this question, JavaScript has the highest percentage of any programming language in the relevant 'most common'/'most popular' list, among all survey respondents. If another programming language is instead the 'most commonly used', this question resolves negatively.

If Stack Overflow does not release the results of a 2030 Annual Developer Survey for any reason, this question resolves ambiguously. If no 'commonly used programming languages' question is included, this question also resolves ambiguously. If the organization currently known as Stack Overflow changes name or structure, continuity will be judged by Metaculus admins.

Stack Overflow Annual Developer surveys do not need to be conducted in each consecutive year for the purposes of this question's resolution --- a cessation of all surveys from 2021 to 2029 is irrelevant --- but results of a 2030 survey must be publicly reported.

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