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Stripe as largest public offering in 2021?



Stripe, a payment processing service for online enterprises, is poised to potentially become the biggest IPO of 2021 - that is, if it goes public.

With its last private valuation at $36 billion in October 2020, the company, founded by brothers Patrick and John Collison, is pushing to achieve a $100 billion valuation by selling securities over the next year. However, the company has delayed making any announcements about its plans to go public in 2021.

According to CB Insights, if the company goes public at its desired $100 billion valuation, it would become the most valuable company to go public this year, overtaking other hotly anticipated stocks such as Robinhood and Bumble.

Will Stripe be the largest public offering worldwide in 2021 by valuation?


This question resolves positively if Stripe goes public in 2021 and if its valuation by market capitalization is greater than all other valuations by the end of the year. Valuation by market capitalization will be calculated using the last publicly traded stock price at closing on opening day and the total number of shares. Public offerings in 2021 can come through IPOs, direct listings, SPACs, or any other legally recognized method. It will resolve negatively otherwise.

Resolution will be sourced from reliable news sources including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bloomberg, or Forbes as examples.

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