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Date of First Net Worth over $1T


In 2014, Bill Gates prognosticated that the world would see its first trillionaire within 15 years. Well, as of this writing we're 4 years in.

International bank, Credit Suisse, meanwhile, predicts that we'll see around 11 trillionaires within 2 generations.

Others speculate that bitcoin's mystery founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, might claim the title.

Despite the fact that Amazon's Jeff Bezos is nearing the $100B mark, we're not yet nearing $1T territory.

When will the world create the first Trillionaire?

This question will resolve as the first date that any person is ranked on Forbes' Billionaires List with a net worth of at least $1,000 billion (in nominal USD).

If this does not occur before January 1, 2075, this question will resolve as "ambiguous".

(Fine print: if the Forbes list ceases, other credible and multiply-sources estimates of a trillion-dollar net worth for an individual person can be accepted. The trillion can be in contemporary dollars, i.e. very high inflation could also help bring this about.)


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