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When will Kalshi launch 30 markets?


Founded in 2018, Kalshi is a startup that has regulator approval to host prediction markets. They have received a $30M Series A funding round led by Sequoia Capital and are supposed to launch this month (March 2021): Kalshi Lands $30 Million Series A to take Investment Platform Live

The company itself has not confirmed specific launch dates on social media:

Launch Date - r/Kalshi

Kalshi (@Kalshi)/Twitter

When will Kalshi be open to the general public for trading?

The question will resolve true if a regular US citizen can create a new account and is allowed to begin trading in at least 30 different markets. It will resolve true even if there is a mandatory waiting period for new accounts. It will not trigger resolution if users are given a "coming soon" banner instead of access to 30+ markets.

The service must be open to adults physically located in the United States, and must not require the possession of any particular credential or qualification, save for any provided by the service itself.

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