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When will there be a 50B parameter DALL-E?


OpenAI's DALL-E was revealed on Jan 5 2021. It is a transformer trained on a multimodal dataset including text and images. It has 12 billion parameters.

The more famous GPT-3 has essentially the same architecture, but was trained only on text, and has 175 billion parameters.

When will credible sources reveal the existence of something similar to DALL-E but significantly bigger?

The date this question is interested in is the date the existence of the model becomes publicly known. Resolution by credible media report.

(As an aside, I'd love to make the question be about when the model is actually built, rather than when it is known of, but that's a lot harder to resolve because OpenAI typically doesn't reveal training completion dates.)

Here is some more detail on what "something similar to DALL-E but significantly bigger" means:

  • The model must be trained on images and text, though it can also be trained on other things

  • The model must be able to generate images given text descriptions, or images given text+images.

  • The model must have at least 50 billion parameters. Mixture-of-Experts models don't count; they instead should be thought of as a group of several smaller models.

This question closes retroactively the day before the model's existence first becomes known, in the sense described above.

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