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EA Survey 2025: Donations to Meta Charities


Each year, the Effective Altruism Survey tracks information about how the EA community donates. For example, the 2019 survey found that, in 2018, survey participants reported $4 million in donations to specific charities, broken down into five cause areas, with the following percentages of donations going to each:

  1. global poverty: 39%
  2. cause prioritization: 24%
  3. meta: 23%
  4. animal welfare: 8%
  5. long term future: 6%

In 2025, according to the EA Survey, what percentage of EA dollars will go to meta charities?

Donation data for 2025 should be taken from the 2026 EA Survey, or from whatever survey reports on 2025 donations. If no such survey is published by the end of 2027, then the question resolves ambiguously.

The set of donations to be considered is exactly the set of donations that are reported on the EA Survey.

If meta is not one of the reported cause areas or does not unambiguously correspond to a set of reported cause areas, then the question resolves ambiguously.

We also have the corresponding questions for the other causes, see the 2025 EA survey mini-series.

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