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Long March 5B debris cause injuries or damage


The Long March 5B rocket launched on April 29th carrying Tianhe, the core module for the planned Chinese space station. Typically space launch boosters do not reach orbit, or if they do they perform deorbit burns to reenter the atmosphere in a controlled manner.

But the Long March 5B has entered orbit and will undergo an uncontrolled reentry. While most of the earth is uninhabited, an uncontrolled reentry presents some risk of injury or damage to inhabited areas. The Long March 5B will not be the largest uncontrolled reentry but it will be the largest in the last several decades according to Jonathan McDowell, an astronomer tracking the orbit of the Long March 5B.

Will debris from the Long March 5B core stage cause injuries or property damage?

Resolution will be by reliable media report that at least one person was injured, or any amount of damage was caused, by debris from the Long March 5B core stage.

Industry – Space

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