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New US hospital admissions 27 June - 3 July?


Changes in the number of hospitalizations due to COVID-19 is caused, in part, by how the healthcare system manages infections, differences in populations susceptible to the virus, and adjustments to how the infectious disease is treated. From May 23 to May 29, 2021 there were 21,097 who were hospitalized due to COVID-19. The CDC estimates that seasonal influenza in the US during the 2019-2020 season was responsible for 38 million illnesses, 18 million medical visits, 405,000 hospitalizations, and 22,000 deaths. Public health officials may adjust mitigation efforts and/or adjust policies in response to a predicted increase or decrease in the expected number of hospitalizations.

A plot of the current number of new incident adult and pediatric previous day admissions to the hospital with confirmed COVID-19 over time can be found here and the raw data used to generate this plot can be found here.

Data sources and more information:

What will be the number of new incident U.S. adult and pediatric admissions to the hospital with confirmed COVID-19 for the week beginning on 2021-06-27 and ending on 2021-07-03 (inclusive)?

This question will resolve as the total number of adult plus pediatric previous day admissions with confirmed COVID-19 as recorded in the Department of Health and Human Service report of COVID-19 reported patient impact and hospital capacity for the dates from 2021-06-28 to 2021-07-04, corresponding to the number of hospitalizations from 2021-06-27 to 2021-07-03. Daily updates are provided by the Department of Health and Human Services. The total previous day admissions is computed using two variables in this report: previous_day_admission_adult_covid_confirmed and previous_day_admission_pediatric_covid_confirmed and stored in Lehigh University's Computational Uncertainty Lab Github data repository. This report, and the resolution criteria, includes data on all 50 US states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands (53 states and territories). The report will be accessed on 2021-07-12.

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