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Open Phil Donations 2030


Open Philanthropy is a major philanthropic foundation focused mainly on on causes associated with the Effective Altruism movement. Most of their money currently comes from Good Ventures, a foundation managing the philanthopic efforts of Facebook and Asana cofounder Dustin Moskovitz and his partner Cari Tuna, who have an estimated net worth of $21.9bn as of June 2021. They donated $271 million to such causes in 2020 and $298 million in 2019. This question asks about how much they will grant in 2030.

How much money will Open Philanthropy grant in 2030?

This question will resolve to the sum of the dollar values of Open Philanthropy grants dated 2030 and listed in their grants database. If their grants database is no longer public it will resolve to their announced total donations in 2030. If Open Phil do not disclose total grants for 2030 this question should resolve ambiguous.

See here for a similar question about 2025.

29 July edit: If Open Philanthropy no longer exists as an organization at the start of the year in question, this resolves as 0.

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