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AI artist to be credited in Shonen Jump


Modern visual creative tools like Adobe Creative and Clip Studio Paint already offer increasingly sophisticated AI-assisted editing. At the leading edge, technologies like generative adversarial networks and others may soon allow generating high-fidelity images of any desired content and style.

Weekly Shōnen Jump is a Japanese magazine that serializes ongoing manga series. It has by far the largest circulation of any manga magazine, and to draw a weekly manga published in Shōnen Jump is the pinnacle of achievement in the manga industry. Weekly manga chapters are typically about 16-20 pages long.

When will a computer program be credited as an artist of at least ten pages of content in Weekly Shonen Jump?

This question resolves at the time that Weekly Shōnen Jump publishes at least ten magazine pages of content, in the same issue, credited in any part to an artificial intelligence or other computer program. It does not matter whether the content's appearance was paid-for, or on what terms it appeared in the magazine. The resolution value will be the publication date. If the upper bound of the forecasting period passes without this occurring, the question resolves as ">".

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