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Date Twin Prime Conjecture is resolved


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Conjecture: There are infinitely many primes p such that p + 2 is also prime.

In the last few years, the upper bound N for the statement “There are infinitely many primes that differ by at most N” has been reduced from 70,000,000 to 246. But when will we know whether N=2 or not?

When will the Twin Prime Conjecture be resolved?

The question will resolve on the date a proof that is mostly correct is published which demonstrates, beyond reasonable doubt of leading number theorists (except those who authored the relevant work), that the Twin Prime Conjecture is proved to be true or false. This question closes retroactively on the day before the proof’s publication when the consensus emerges. In the event that the conjecture is proven to be undecidable or independent of ZFC, the question will also resolve on the date of such proof.

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