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US diplomatic evacuation in Kabul 2021


As of 2021-08-13, several nations are evacuating their diplomats from Kabul, Afghanistan, as Taliban forces take control of territory. There is precedent for less-than-successful evacuation of US diplomatic staff from dangerous environments.

Will the US diplomatic evacuation in Kabul be unsuccessful?

Resolves positively if there are credible, mainstream reports of at least 2 US diplomatic staff captured, killed or left behind within 1 week of official announcement that the US has ceased efforts to evacuate diplomatic staff from Kabul. The ceased effort must be part of an overall withdrawal, so an evacuation ceased because the US changes course and decides maintain a diplomatic presence would resolve ambiguous.

For the purposes of the resolution, Marine security guards count as diplomatic staff. All other US citizens not credibly affiliated with diplomatic efforts, including regular military personnel, do not count. Non-US citizens such as Afghani translators likewise do not count, regardless of degree of involvement with US.

Resolves ambiguous if evacuation is credibly still underway or inapplicable at resolve date.


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