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Prototype of Tesla Bot before 2023


On August 19 2021, at Tesla's AI Day event, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed a design concept of Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot.

During the event, Musk said, "We think that we will probably have a prototype sometime next year".

According to The Verge,

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says his company is working on a humanoid robot and that it will build a prototype “sometime next year.” The humanoid robot will leverage Tesla’s experience with automated machines in its factories, as well as some of the hardware and software that powers the company’s Autopilot driver assistance software.

Musk, who has spoken publicly about his fears of runaway artificial intelligence, said Tesla is “intended to be friendly,” but that Tesla is designing the robot at a “mechanical level” so that “you can run away from it, and most likely overpower it.” It will be five feet, eight inches tall, and have a screen for a face.

The robots will be designed to handle “tasks that are unsafe, repetitive or boring,” the company’s website reads. “I think essentially in the future, physical work will be a choice, if you if you want to do it you can,” Musk said.

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Will Tesla reveal a prototype of the Tesla Bot before 2023?

This question resolves positively if both of these criteria are fulfilled:

  1. Before 2023, a prototype of a humanoid robot developed by Tesla is revealed in at least one of the following:
    * A social media post by an account officially held by Tesla, Inc.
    * The official website of Tesla, Inc.
    * A live event organized by Tesla, Inc.
    * Some other event organized by Tesla, Inc where members of the public or press are invited.
    * A social media post by an account held by current Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

  2. The revealed prototype shall be able to move, and this ability must be shown during the event or in the revealed material.

For the purpose of this question "a prototype of a humanoid robot" is defined as a machine that contains at least the legs of a humanoid and/or the arms of a humanoid. The resolution criteria are indifferent toward the power source, computer and autonomy level (e.g it does not have to run on battery power, the computer may be "outside" the robot and a human may (electronically) control the movement of the robot).

A written or photo update on Tesla Bot in the absence of an event, will not count toward a positive resolution.

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