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When will The Simpsons air its final episode?


The Simpsons has been a phenomenally successful television property.

TV Insider called it "the Most Powerful TV Show of All Time" and reported:

There’s no end to the marketing mania surrounding The Simpsons: More than 500 companies license the characters, and merchandise sales are now closing in on $5 billion.

As Esquire reported back in 2016:

The Simpsons has just been renewed for a historic 29th and 30th season, making it the longest-running primetime TV show of all time. To put that in perspective, FXX is airing every single episode of The Simpsons consecutively in the longest TV marathon of all time. It will take 13 days.

Bart Simpson, if he aged like a normal person, would now be older than his father, Homer was when the series began.

How long will this go on, though? When will The Simpsons finally air its last season (and specifically, last episode)?

(Note: as usual, question will retroactively close if necessary prior to reliable media reports that the show that a given season will be the Simpson's last.)

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