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Date of Securing Escaped Zebras in Maryland


On 31 August 2021, five zebras escaped from a private farm in Maryland, USA. They are not expected to go far, according to the Washington Post: "Experts said the zebras are probably sticking fairly close to the edges of their home — an 80-acre farm off Duley Station Road in Upper Marlboro". On 9 September, 2021, Rodney Taylor, chief of the Prince George County’s animal services division, said "it could take as long as a week for the zebras to be caught".

On 14 October, Maryland's Natural Resources Police reported that a zebra had been found dead in an illegal snare trap on 16 September. Additionally, it was corrected that only three zebras had escaped, not five. The wherabouts of the remaining zebras is unknown, or not publicly released yet.

When will the escaped Maryland Zebras be caught?

This question resolves on the date that all of the zebras that escaped during the events on 31 August 2021 have been found dead or captured. Official government sources or a consensus of media reports will be used as a resolution source. In the event that they are found dead, the resolution date will be on the date the last body is found. If they are never found, or such information is not publicly disclosed, the question will resolve >2023-01-01

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