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Israel Mandates Salt Iodization by 2030


Unlike most other industrialized nations, Israel has never iodized its salt on a National level, and has a widespread iodine deficiency. Israel's Health Ministry has a page on the iodine issue, and the iodine issue in Israel has received substantial media attention.

Iodine is well known to increase IQ. It is known that iodine deprivation for children and pregnant mothers, the groups tested in Israel, hurts national IQ; the data on adults is less clear. It has been suggested that iodine deficiency is hurting the cognitive performance of Israel pupils.

The iodine issue was first identified in 2017. Recently, the Health Ministry has considered iodizing salt.

Around 120 countries have some form of mandating salt iodization (Dasgupta, et al. 2008), although the US, for example, does not.

Will Israel require salt to be iodized by 2030?

This question resolves positively if Israel passes any policy requiring the majority of food-grade salt to be fortified with iodine before 2030-01-01, according to credible media reports or official government announcements.

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