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Top Movies in 2050 Primarily Franchises


The prevalence of remakes (such as Aladdin (2019) and Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)) and continuing franchises (such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Fast and Furious franchises) has been a topic of discussion and has been used by some as evidence of a lack of ideas or an aversion to risk in Hollywood. Others see it as a sign of a stagnant culture. Neuroscientist and fiction author Erik Hoel wrote the following about culture in the year 2050 in a blog post published August 25, 2021

The panopticon of social media and state control will lead to cultural stagnation. We already see early hints of this. Consider the remakes of older movies: 2050 will be a stew of remakes of remakes, and familiar and boring intellectual property (like Star Wars) will be king. Creativity vivacity will suffer, especially in the arts and humanities. The coming half-century will be a great one for innovations in finance, engineering, space travel, and artificial intelligence. It will be a terrible one for the arts and basic scientific advancements (like a new physics), for such advancements require iconoclastic and creative lone individuals. This prediction is already augured by judging the 2000-2020 creative period overall in areas like art, music, literature, film, and scientific discoveries, and finding it severely lacking compared to, say, 1950-1970.

Will at least 10 of the 20 highest grossing new movies in the year 2050 be remakes of previous movies or continuations of previous movie franchises?

This resolves positively if at least 10 of the top 20 highest grossing movies in the United States in 2050 are part of a franchise which has previously appeared in a movie released in theaters in the United States. Sequels to previously released movies, spin-off movies containing characters from a previously released movie, and in-universe movies (for example a Star Wars movie containing entirely new characters and settings but canonically in the Star Wars universe) would all count as part of an existing franchise previously appearing in a movie. If theaters are no longer the primary form of new movie releases in 2050 the admins may use their discretion to determine an equivalent metric for the highest grossing movies in the US in 2050.

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