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Maximum Annual CPI Inflation in 2022


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Inflation has been in the news recently as the annual rate of inflation reached 6.2% in October, 2021, the highest annual rate in 30 years. The Federal Reserve expects the annual inflation rate to decline in 2022 (based on their projection which uses a different measure, PCE inflation). Senator Rand Paul thinks inflation will continue to increase, saying in an interview with the Foundation for Economic Education

I think you may see inflation of 10% or 12% next year

What will be the maximum CPI inflation measured in 2022?

This resolves as the maximum seasonally adjusted annual CPI inflation reported in 2022. This FRED graph will be consulted once data is available for each month in 2022, and the maximum CPI inflation value for any month in 2022 will be used for resolution.

Economy – US

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