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SMR Nuclear >1% of Any Nation's Energy 2030


Small modular reactors (SMRs) are a type of nuclear power reactor which are smaller than conventional nuclear power plants (in size and in power output), and modular (meaning they can be manufactured off-site and shipped as a unit to be set-up faster and at lower cost). Russia has built a floating SMR in a harbor in the arctic circle, and China has begun developing a land-based reactor with plans to begin operation by 2027. A division at Rolls-Royce has set a target to bring SMRs online in the UK "in the early 2030s".

Will small modular nuclear reactors supply at least 1% of any nation's electricity by 2030?

This question will resolve positively if, by 2030-01-01, small modular reactor nuclear power supplies at least 1% of any nation's annual elecricity consumption. Resolution may come from credible media reports, government agencies, or energy industry researchers such as the IEA.

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