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The 2022 Winter Olympics are scheduled for February 4 - 20, 2022 in Beijing, China, amidst the backdrop of the spread of the Omicron SARS-CoV-2 Variant and diplomatic boycotts.

In the past 5 Winter Olympics, Norway has achived 2 #1 ranks and several impressive feats, whereas in the past 5 Summer Olympics they have achieved more moderate ranks.

Year Gold Ranking Silver Ranking Bronze Ranking Total Medal Ranking
2018 1 (tied) 1 1 1
2014 1 (tied) 8 1 (tied) 3
2010 4 3 4 4
2006 13 4 1 6
2002 1 3 4 3

A record 109 events will be held in 15 disciplines.