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More Than 35 Fusion Corps in 2022


Optimism about the viability of nuclear fusion has been growing. But it is unlikely that any of the key milestones, such as energy breakeven or commercial viability, will be achieved this year (or perhaps this decade).

As a proxy for whether the fusion industry continues to gather pace, then, this question looks at the number of fusion companies in existence. According to a report by the Fusion Industry Association (FIA), that number has gone up from one in 1997, to five in 2007, to 23 by 2020.

At the time of writing, there are "at least 35" global fusion companies, of which 25 are members of the FIA. Will that number go up in 2022?

Will there be 36 or more private fusion-energy companies in 2022?

This question will resolve positively if, between January 1, 2022 to February 1, 2023, the Fusion Industry Association reports that there are more than 35 fusion companies in the world. Otherwise (including if the FIA does not report any updated figures in that time) it will resolve negatively.

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