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US Military Spending of GDP in 2022

Ukraine Conflict


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In response to the escalation of the Russio-Ukranian war in Februrary 2022, Biden has pledged to provide additional support for NATO allies on the European Eastern front.

In US history, military spending previously peaked at 16.4% of US GDP during the US Civil War, 14.2% during World War 1, and 39.4% during World War 2. During the Cold War, military spending varied from 13% to 4%. The US has spent more on military than any other nation's in nominal costs since World War 2, and in 2021 made up 39% of the world's military spending. SIPRI found that the US spent 3.7% of its GDP on military expenses in the year 2020.

What percentage of US GDP will be spent on military expenses in 2022?

This question will resolve according to estimates by the Stockholm International Peace Resarch Institute for the US spending on military in 2022, as a percentage of GDP. If SIPRI does not report this data, other sources such as the International Institute for Strategic Studies may be used, or be calculated based on US budgetary data.

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