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UN General Assembly Uses Resolution 377

Ukraine Conflict


The UN Security Council is preparing to put forward a draft resolution that will condemn Russia for the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. However, it is likely that this resolution will be vetoed by Russia, as it was in a similar vote in 2014 during the annexation of Crimea.

If Russia vetoes the resolution, it remains possible that the resolution will be taken to the General Assembly to be put up for vote through the use of U.N. Resolution 377.

"U.N. Resolution 377 is also known as the “Uniting for Peace” Resolution. In early 1950, the United States pushed through the resolution as a means of circumventing possible Soviet vetoes. The measure states that, in the event that the Security Council cannot maintain international peace, a matter can be taken up by the General Assembly. "

So far, Resolution 377 has been applied to the U.N. General Assembly a total of 5 times.

If Russia vetoes the UN Security Council vote to condemn the invasion of Ukraine, will the UN General Assembly override the veto?

This question will resolve positively if the UN Security Council vetoes the resolution condemning the attack on Ukraine, but if the UN General Assembly votes to approve the resolution separately by invoking U.N Resolution 377. The vote must be 2/3 majority in order for the resolution to pass through the General Assembly.

EDIT 2/28: If the security council invokes U.N Resolution 377, but the General Assembly still votes to support the motion, then this question will also resolve positively. This is to support the main intention of the question, which seeks to ask if the original decision of the SC will be overturned through the invocation of 377 by vote of the GA.

Resolution will come from a formal announcement from the UN General Assembly or from credible media reports.

The resolution passed by the U.N General Assembly does not need to be identical to the resolution proposed in the Security Council, but it should be similar enough and contain the same type of language that condemns Russia for an unprovoked attack on Ukraine.

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