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Will OpenAI's machine system defeat a pro team at Dota 2 in August?


After DeepMind's ascent to the top of Go playing, and with great advances in AI systems playing many (but not some other) Atari games through self-training and reinforcement learning, interest has turned to games that require a lot of long-term strategic thinking and sub-goal setting, such as Starcraft 2 and in the short-term, Dota 2.

OpenAI's Dota 2 player system has been defeating top humans in 1-on-1 play for about a year, and OpenAI has recently announced that its Dota2-playing system had begun to beat skilled human teams on 5-on-5 team play, a significantly larger challenge.

OpenAI now feels ready for the big-time, and will enter its 5-player system in "The International", a major Dota 2 championshop with a $20M purse. There's a site set up for this and everything.

According to this blog post they will compete at The International—but prior to that, they'll benchmark their progress by playing against "top players" on August 5th.

Will OpenAI's system beat the top players on August 5th?

The question accepts whatever rules/restrictions the match occurs under. If there is a single game, resolution will be based on that game. If there are multiple games it will be based on winning the majority of the games; in case of a tie it resolves ambiguous.

A sister question will concern "The International" once more details become available.

(Edit 7/19/18: Updated to reflect the match's new date)

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