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Short-fuse question: Will OpenAI Five win the *first* of its DotA 2 matches at The International?


Ever since DeepMind took the Go throne and AI systems began tackling Atari games via self-training and reinforcement learning, more attention has been given to implementing long-term strategic thinking and sub-goal setting. These happen to be the abilities tapped for real-time multiplayer strategy game DotA 2.

On August 5th, OpenAI's DotA 2 bots handily defeated a team of 99.95th percentile human players, and now, fresh off their victory, they're headed to the big show: The International, with its $20 million dollar purse.

Details on OpenAI's appearance at The International are scant, but it appears a match will be played Wednesday Aug. 22.

Will OpenAI's system win the first game it plays at The International?

The question accepts whatever rules/restrictions the match or matches occur under. Closes retroactively 10 minutes prior to start of the first match.

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