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Will the current coalition (i.e. EPP, S&D, and ALDE) continue after the EU Parliament election, 2019?

In May 2019, the EU will hold the election for 705 seats in the European Parliament by universal adult suffrage, with about 400 million eligible voters selected from an EU population of 512 million people.

Out of the seven institutions of the EU, the parliament is one of the three legislative bodies, among the European Commission and the Council of the European Union. It is the only directly elected body, as most of the EU is much more strongly oriented towards its federal roots. Since the Lisbon Treaty went into force in 2009, the weight shifted in favor of the European Parliament, but just like in other democratic entities, the media remains strongly dominated by the Executive, the Commission.

The increasing importance of the parliament, the spread and success of EU skeptic parties, and of course Brexit, could make this election slightly more interesting than past ones. Or not. And the changes in the national and regional parliaments are likely to be reflected in the EU -- but how much?

EU Parliament Election 2019 mini-series:

All questions will close one day before the election. Should no elections be held in 2019, all resolve ambiguous.

In case of regional issues, the result that is accepted by the EU counts, even if those results are interim and will receive minor corrections potentially after the Parliament voted on the President of the EU Commission.

All will be resolved by reference to the official results, which will likely be made available somewhere at

Will the current coalition consisting of thee EPP, S&D, and ALDE continue after the EU Parliament election, 2019?

All previous parties, and only those parties, must be in the coalition for the question to resolve positive. Should only EPP and S&D remain, it's a negative, should they incorporate another party, it's a negative, etc. etc.

For each party: Should that EU party be replaced with an obvious successor (more than 75% of previous members remain, counted my number of national parties), that one would count. Otherwise, it would count as a different party, and cause negative resolution.


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