Will the SAIDA Starcraft bot win the Student Starcraft AI Tournament?

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The Student Starcraft AI Tournament (SSCAIT) is a Starcraft bot competition held yearly since 2011. Together with AIIDE and CIG it is one of the three big AI tournaments for Starcraft 1. This year's tournament has started and you can watch it live here.

The favorite to win is Samsung's SAIDA bot, which got 1st place at the last big AI tournament "AIIDE 2018". It defeated Facebook's bot CherryPi which got 2nd place (results; CherryPi isn't participating in this year's SSCAIT). Although SAIDA is a rule-based bot (written in C++) like the other top competitors, it also incorporates some machine learning to predict enemy units in the fog of war.

Two competitors and bot authors, LetaBot and Jay Scott, have made predictions on the winner of SSCAIT 2018. According to them, some challengers to look out for are the protoss bots Locutus, BananaBrain, PurpleWave and the terran bot Iron bot. SAIDA plays terran. Lest one think that zerg bots are weak, last year's SSCAIT had two zerg finalists.

Current standings are here. SSCAIT has a Student division to award the best performing bot created by a student, and an open Mixed division.

We ask: Will SAIDA win the Mixed division of SSCAIT 2018?

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