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Contact lenses for augmented reality in use by innovators before 2026?


Contact lens Augmented Reality (AR) has been depicted in various futurist scenarios, like May-raz and Lazo's award-winning, 8 min film Sight (2012).

Researchers like University of Washington Professor Babak Amir Parviz have been working on the science and technology since at least 2009, and companies like Innovega (Bellvue, WA) are working on bringing these out.

Will these be popular among at least "innovators" by 2025? Let's define innovators as the first 2.5 percent of a group to adopt a new idea, and assume our reasonably affluent global tech user group is at least 100 million in 2025

Will 2.5 million of these (or other) users (for example, soldiers) use contact lenses for augmented reality, at least occasionally (1+ day a week), by the end of 2025

Resolution will be positive if credible media or company statements indicate > 2.5 million regular users of augmented reality contact lenses by Dec 31, 2025.

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