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Between 16 May 2019 and 30 July 2019, for two consecutive Saturdays, will fewer than 5,000 cumulative daily protesters participate in "Yellow Vests" protests across France?


What began in November 2018 as protests against fuel tax hikes have grown into an ongoing series of protests across France, particularly on Saturdays (Bloomberg, France24(1)). President Macron has offered concessions over several months, but the protests continue (France24(2), WSJ).

Resolves positive if in a period of two consecutive Saturdays, inclusive, the number of daily protesters add up to less than 5,000. Resolution shall be by credible media source reporting Ministry of the Interior estimates for protesters all over France. The question resolves negatively on July 30th 2019 or retroactively the day before any protest triggering positive resolution, whichever comes first.

Politics – European

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