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When will beef for human consumption, from cattle genetically edited to carry a copy of the SRY gene, be for sale in the United States?

In her project “Boys Only”, Alison Van Eenennaam and her research team at UC Davis aims to create a bull that will father only male offspring: either normal bull calves with XY chromosomes (males) or XX chromosomes (females) but with the male-making SRY. The presence of SRY can make a female turn out to be essentially male—with bigger muscles, a penis, and testicles (although unable to make sperm).

Since beef ranchers generally prefer males to females as these have more muscle weight, adding the male-making gene SRY could improve the efficiency of beef production, thereby potentially reducing the number of cows required to produce a given weight of beef.

However, van Eenennaam's 2019 article argues that the currently proposed U.S. regulation of gene-edited food animals is "not fit for purpose" as it has made it virtually impossible to commercialise gene-edited food animals. Although the FDA has introduced new ventures to expedite advancements in the regulatory approval process of innovative animal products, it is unclear when SRY cows can first be successfully commercialized.

When will beef for human consumption, from cattle whose genetic material has been edited to carry a copy of the SRY gene, be for sale in the United States?


This question resolves positively if beef for human consumption from cattle whose genetic material has been edited to generate cisgenic bulls that carry an extra copy of the bovine SRY gene are legally for sale in the United States.

Resolution should be based on credible media reporting, or on the basis of credible statements by relevant companies, researchers or research organisations.

If this question does not resolve before the 5th of October, 2032, this question resolves as "> Oct 5, 2032".


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