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1 TB MicroSD cards cost <$100USD


At the 2019 Mobile World Congress, both Micron and SanDisk announced the first 1TB MicroSD cards. Those came to the consumer market the following May, with a retail price of $449.99USD. They have been seen on sale as low as $199.99USD.

When will a 1TB MicroSD be available for retail purchase for less than the equivalent of $100USD (in 2019)?

This can be a temporary sale price, so long as it can be straightforwardly purchased at that price by an ordinary consumer. The following circumstances are not applicable to resolve this question: sufficiently low prices derived from one-time discounts or discounts derived from coupons, programs such as loyalty schemes or credit card membership perks or other special price structures that are only available to a strict subset of the retailer's customers, or prices achieved by purchasing in bulk.

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