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Impactful Longevity Research by 2030


In 2019, at a speech at the Foresight Institute, biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey stated:

I think we are still 15-20 years away [from effective anti-aging therapies] but the anticipation of the therapy by the general public is coming soon, and it is that anticipation that is going to be the point when the shit really hits the fan. If you think about a situation in which less than five years from now [...] in a period of about a week, half of the developed world is going to shift from an expectation that they will live only slightly longer than their parents did, into an expectation that they're going to live far longer than anyone has ever lived.

If half of the people in the developed world came to believe within a period of a week that effective anti-aging therapies were imminent, this would likely be a culturally significant event, perhaps among the most significant in the 2020's.

This question resolves positively if any of the terms "aging", "ageing", "anti-aging", "anti-ageing", "longevity", "lifespan", "rejuvenation", or "life extension" are mentioned as a direct reference to longevity research* in any of the following media sources produced between January 1st 2020 and January 1st 2030 UTC:

  1. The English Wikipedia's "In the news" section.


  2.'s summary of events for a year in the 2020's.


  3. The transcript for a primary or general presidential election debate in America.

It also resolves positively if:

  1. A longevity researcher receives Time's Person of the Year for their work on defeating aging.

Otherwise, this question resolves negatively on the 1st of January 2030.

In case of positive resolution, this question retroactively closes 1 day before the triggering event.

ETA: 2022-04-08: qualifying primary or general presidential election debates are limited to mainstream debates (i.e., Republican and Democratic primaries + general election debates).

* "longevity research" here means the research comes from a group whose explicit purpose (as defined by their charter, or their about page on their website, or by some official statement made by the organisation which pertains to their research ends) is to slow, halt, or reverse the natural aging process. Examples of research groups which meet this criteria are the SENS Research Foundation and The Sinclair Lab at Harvard.

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