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Will the US election be decided by Nov. 11?


The US election will be held Tuesday November 8. Early results generally allow the major news organizations to "call" the election on Tuesday evening, and the loser to concede to the victor – a notable exception being Bush v. Gore 2000, which led to weeks of controversy and was ultimately settled by the Supreme Court.

This year, in addition to the perennial possibility of a close election requiring recounts, there are concerns being raised by both candidates about potential manipulation of the election results.

Clinton's concerns are based on the reported hack of the DNC's email servers, emails from which have appears on Wikileaks, which has been reported by US intelligence to "with high confidence" be orchestrated by the Russian government, as well as reports of Russian hacking of US election systems

The basis for Trump's concerns (other than his position in the polls) is unclear.

Will the election be decided by the beginning of the day, November 11?

Question resolves positively if Clinton or Trump publicly concedes the election prior to midnight EDT November 10.

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