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How many total COVID-2019 cases in the USA will be confirmed on April the 27th?


Coronaviruses are a family of RNA viruses that typically cause mild respiratory disease in humans. A novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019.

As of the 15th of February, 2020, the location outside of Mainland China with the largest number of confirmed COVID-2019 cases is the "Diamond Princess" cruise ship, currently docked in the Port of Yokohama, Japan. Johns Hopkins interactive web-based dashboard currently reports that 634 cases of COVID-2019 can be traced to the cruise ship.

How many (cumulative) total cases of COVID-2019 in the United States will be reported on April the 27th at 10 AM GMT by Johns Hopkins?

Johns Hopkins reports daily cumulative case numbers, which is the sum of all cases that have occurred on and before the most recent update. This includes ongoing, recovered and deceased cases.

In case Johns Hopkins interactive web-based dashboard no longer reports the relevant numbers, figured made available by the WHO or CDC may be consulted.

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