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When will a human chess player reach a FIDE rating of 2900?


The highest rated chess player as of May 2020 is Magnus Carlsen, who currently possesses a FIDE rating of 2863. His peak rating (and the highest rating of all time) was 2882, achieved back in May 2014. An overview of top-ranked chess grandmasters sorted by their peak rating can be found here or here.

When will a human chess player reach a peak FIDE rating of 2900 or more in classical chess?

Resolution will be based off of the official monthly FIDE rating publications. The question resolves ambiguously if FIDE ceases to be the governing body of international chess competition and/or fails to publish the relevant data for 6 months in a row.

The question resolves as ">2040" if no human chess player achieves the required rating by the resolution date.

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