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How much Wall will, in the end, be built?


Our new president has promised a lot of things. Many of them are somewhat ill-defined, some directly contradict each other, but many could be quantified and make interesting targets for prediction.

A well-known and pretty well-defined question concerns the proposed "Wall", envisaged as an impenetrable concrete and rebar barrier stretching across the US's 3100 kilometer southern border. We ask:

By Jan. 1, 2021, how many kilometers of wall will have been constructed?

To count as "wall," the structure must be free-standing and built of a solid material such as concrete, stone, brick, etc., so that the predominant force upholding the bulk of the material is the other material below it, rather than tension from other directions (as in a fence.) In-construction does not count; it must be completed enough to present a viable physical barrier. Measurements in kilometers because we are serious people here.


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