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When will Alcor begin performing cryothanasia?


Cryothanasia is the combination of euthanasia and cryopreservation. It involves a practitioner intentionally ending someone's viable life and cryopreserving some part of their body (most importantly the head) soon after.

Proponents of cryothanasia consider the act to be more likely to result in a successful cryopreservation than in typical cryonics where practicioners have to wait for the declaration of legal death before cooling the body. It is hypothesized by some that by delaying the process of cryopreservation, the current practice of cryonics is unable to adequately preserve enough information for revival to be possible in the future. Cryothanasia is therefore a more ideal option for patients looking to be preserved in ideal conditions.

Since Alcor is located in Arizona, and assisted suicide (much less euthanasia) is illegal under Arizona law, it is not currently possible for Alcor patients to receive cryothanasia. When will this cease to be the case?

Alcor is said to perform cryothanasia if a member was legally euthanized and began the process of receiving cryoprotectants (or fixatives) very quickly after legal death was declared (<25 minutes). Since Alcor releases patient case reports describing how soon the vitrification procedure began after legal death was declared, it should be possible to determine whether Alcor is at some point meeting this standard. The date of resolution is the date during which the person in the relevant case report was legally declared dead (of was deanimated, in case of some controversy about the definition of legal death).

If this does not resolve prior to 2099-12-18 this question resolves as "> Dec 18, 2099".

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