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Angela Merkel re-elected as Chancellor of Germany?

The next German federal elections will elect the members of the Bundestag, the federal parliament of Germany, on 24 September 2017.

The Bundestag has 598 seats allocated with a form of proportional representation called the Mixed member proportional representation system.

The Chancellor of Germany, the head of government of Germany (and the country's effective leader) is usually the chairman of his or her own party and leader of the party/coalition holding a majority of seats in the Bundestag

At the previous federal election, in 2013, the centre right CDU/CSU alliance (composed of the Christian Democratic Union, and the Christian Social Union) obtained their best result since 1990, with nearly 42% of the vote and just short of 50% of the seats. They successfully negotiated with the Social Democrats (SPD, 25.7%) to form a grand coalition led by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Incumbent Angela Merkel is generally expected to be confirmed in her position, but her main adversary, Martin Schulz, the former head of the European Parliament and current SPD chairman, is now staging a surprisingly strong bid to defeat her.

Will Angela Merkel be re-elected as Chancellor of Germany?

This question resolves in the positive if a major news outlet reports the confirmation of Angela Merkel before the end of 2017; it resolves in the negative if a different candidate is elected; finally, it resolves as undecided if by new year eve no candidate has been officially selected by the Bundestag.

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