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[short fuse] Given that the NYT publishes an article on Scott Alexander, will it include his full name?


A journalist from The New York Times is in the process of writing a story about Slate Star Codex, a popular blog by psychiatrist Scott Alexander. On 23 June 2020, Alexander took his blog offline and posted a note explaining his decision. According to Alexander, the NYT journalist had told him that his real name would be revealed in the article, despite Alexander's requests to remain pseudonymous out of concern for his and his patients' safety.

This question resolves positively if the NYT publishes a story about Slate Star Codex within the next two weeks (before the end of 7 July 2020) and Alexander's real name is included in that story. It resolves negatively if such a story is published but the name is not included. It resolves ambiguously if no story is published.

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